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Jumper sleeping bags for kids

Jumpers 350040 + 350041

Jumper - Kids sleeping bags for the active kids in size 80, 92 & 104.

Jumper sleeping bags allow kids to crawl out of bed without having to take off their cozy warm sleeping bag! The Jumper sleeping bags are of course also brilliant for the little "power nap" in the afternoon on the couch, on the road in the car, or wherever it should be warm, without suffering real restrictions in mobility.

Jumpers 350040 + 350041

Tencel Fabric – An Eco Friendly Fabric Option

Tencel Fabric – An Eco Friendly Fabric Option

TENCEL® is a brand, the trademark is owned by Lenzing Fibers location Austria.

What is Tencel?

Tencel fabric is an amazing eco friendly fabric that represents a milestone in the development of environmentally sustainable textiles.Tencel is a natural, man made fibre which is also referred to as Lyocell.

Made with wood pulp from sustainable tree farms, tencel textiles are created though the use of nanotechnology in an award-winning closed-loop process that recovers or decomposes all solvents and emissions.Though it’s certified by the international Forest Stewardship Council and 100% biodegradable, perhaps the greatest benefits are the variety and exceptional comfort you can experience with tencel clothing.

Advantages of tencel-fiber for your Baby:

  • Tencel is a man-made cellulose fiber. Made from the natural cellulose
  • found in wood pulp from sustainable tree farms. 
  • The fiber is economical in its use of energy and natural resources, and is 100 % biodegradable.
  • softer than silk/wool and cooler than linen
  • climate control, avoids heat build-up and bacterial growth
  • breathable, soft and eudermic
  • hygienical cleanliness because of perfect moisture management
  • tencel textiles are more absorbent than cotton

New launch of complete sleeping bag collection

sleeping bags

New launch of complete sleeping bag collection, as a part of our NOS program

With immediate start and available all the year round from our stock, we are offering a modular sleeping-bag program in both, summer and winter qualities, sleeveless, with sleeves, or detachable sleeves. All sleeping bags may be ordered with an optional inner-sleeping-bag.

New launch of complete sleeping bag collection

Our contribution to sustainability



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