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About us 

The company
Since 1965 JACKY produces high-quality baby and children's clothing with great attention to detail, function and comfort. Just in time for 50-year anniversary of JACKY, we present our new label JABYS – finest Baby Clothing 100% “Made in Germany”.

The family
Jürgen and Joachim Boley are the sole directors and shareholders of JACKY in second generation. The company was founded in 1965 by Walter Boley in the former center of the German knitting industry, next to the Swabian Alp. Grown up in the textile business and as fathers of totally 4 children, they know what is important in the production of baby and children clothing.

The team
With the experience and enthusiasm of our long-time employees, supported by the ingenuity and skill of our master craftsmen in the entirely Swabian supply chain, our designers created a unique baby collection.

Our responsibility

As a family-run company with a long tradition, our daily actions are always value-based and geared toward sustainability across generations. In doing so, it is our goal to take equal account of ecological and social criteria along our entire value chain.

To produce safe and clean baby and children's clothing for our youngest customers in a way that is as resource and environmentally friendly as possible and to create humane and fair working and social conditions for all employees involved in all stages of production - that is the core of our actions and aspirations.

This comprehensive sustainability aspect is best met by our certification according to the strict GOTS criteria. That´s why the company JACKY as well as our upstream production partners are certified according to GOTS.


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